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About Te Moana

Te Moana Clothing: Born and Created while Travelling

Te Moana Clothing was founded by travel blogger Dirk „DC“ Loew in 2017, while being on Tahiti in the South Seas.

In the need for some new T-Shirts, or maybe a great hoodie, Dirk was unsatisfied with the choice he found in the fashion brands store in Papeete.

So, inspired by the forms, colors, and the warmth of Tahiti and Moorea, Dirk created the first designs for his new founded fashion brand enterprise.

Te Moana means Spirit of the Ocean, and is a fashion brand for people who love adventure, who are open minded, embrace every new experience, and simply love to be out there in nature, hiking, surfing, trekking, climbing.

Or sometimes, you just grab your Te Moana hoodie and go to work. Be it sitting in an office or in a body shop.

Te Moana is your honest companion, inspiring you to discover places, people, and emotions, that matter.

Te Moana was founded in 2017 by Dirk Loew and is currently situated in Frankfurt, Germany.

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